Core Philosophy

When you step into the timeless state of grace, known in the sporting arena as ‘Being in the Zone,' your world transforms in an instant, and the miracles of serendipity, synchronicity and extraordinary outcomes become your every day experience.

Core Philosophy

Core Philosophy

Core Philosophy

Humanity has barely scratched the surface of its true potential.

We have discovered a TRUTH so amazing it totally debunks what most people believe about who they are, how life works and their role in it.

We have been conditioned to believe that the world around us is independent of us. We have been taught that we are creatures that react to the people, situation and things that unfold around us in any given moment.

If this were true, it would make us the victim of other people, circumstance and things in our lives. It would then make sense to strategize about how to handle and react to difficult people and situations at work and in our personal lives.

This is what almost all personal development, leadership, communication, conflict resolution, goal achievement and soft skills training is centered on.

What we have discovered, tested and proven with hundreds and hundreds of our clients is that YOU are not a victim of your world.

Your world is a mirror projection of your belief system.

Therefore, to instantly transform your world, you only need to clear your belief system of the limiting beliefs that project into your world as people’s negative behaviour, difficult circumstances and unpleasant things that disturbs your inner peace and limits your success.

Knowing that this is true, some people have tried to manipulate the belief system by implementing positive thinking, positive affirmations and visualizations, only to be disappointed at the unsustainable outcomes in their lives not to mention the exhaustion from constant thinking!

This is because the human belief system is dualistic and mirrored in structure. Every belief comes in opposing pairs:

E.g., Duality: Clever/stupid, hot/cold, generous/selfish.

E.g., Mirror: Whatever you believe about another, deep inside you also believe about yourself.

The more you try to affirm the positive the more you suppress the negative, which is then projected into your world for you to experience.

So what can you do?

Let us explore the mechanics of success.

The current thinking is that success at work and in life is about setting a goal and achieving it.  But this is not all there is.

Not much thought is given to why you want to achieve the goal in any depth, nor the price you might pay with your loss of health, wellbeing or relationships if you mindlessly chase one goal after another.

Most people are overworked and overwhelmed, feeling pressured and stressed both at work and at home. There always seem to be too much to do and never enough time to do it all!

It is not surprising that 1 in 4 people in the western world is either depressed or knows of someone who is.

Humanity is not tapping into the power we have within us to experience effortless success and feel fulfilled, loving and happy every moment of every day.

The reason for this is that we have been conditioned into a framework of thinking and believing, which is erroneous and detrimental to the fulfillment of our potential as humans.

Let me share with you the missing key to success.

two keys for success

Sports Psychologists have discovered that strategy, the sum of your purpose and your process, has only 20% impact on your success.

third key for success


The biggest impact on success is your state of being. How you feel while you execute your strategy – do what you know to do. This is the missing key to your success in any endeavor.

State of Being

There are two primary states you are in at any given moment.

In the Zone

Within the Zone, there are 3 levels.

Levels of Zone

The Zone Process

The Zone process is ground breaking, out of the box and one of a kind. The paradigm jump you will make is beyond anything you’d have encountered and more rewarding than you can imagine.

Level 1 Zone

This level is readily achievable by most humans by learning two simple processes called Sensing What Is and Instant Debunking. Sensing What Is is a tool that immediately puts you in the Zone. Instant Debunking dissolves the triggers that throw you out of the Zone.

At this level, the instant debunking process deals with the content of the mind – the stories that throw you out of the Zone. This provides a quick fix, when you drop out of the Zone.

You will receive the Level 1 Zone tools (A day in the Zone mp3 toolbox) as part of this course.


A day in the Zone

Level 2 & 3 Zone

The higher levels of Zone (Level 2 & 3) are for people who want not only extraordinary success but also to achieve it without feeling pressured or stressed. It requires an open mind, a willingness to explore new territory and the courage to walk the road less travelled. Fortunately, the process itself is powerfully simple and easy to apply.

At level 2 Zone, the debunking process consciously deals with the fundamental concepts that throw you out of the Zone. It allows you to be in the Zone more sustainably, because the three core limiting beliefs that underpin all other limiting beliefs have been debunked and integration has begun.


At level 3 Zone, the process shifts from conscious debunking to unconscious clearing at the level of context.

level 3 zone

At this level, LOVE puts you into the Timeless state of Grace, the Level 3 Zone commonly known as Flow and your world transforms in an instant. The miracle of serendipity, synchronicity and extraordinary outcomes become your every day experience.

Benefits of Zone Training

When you are in the Zone, you spontaneously acquire the following qualities:

Qualities when you are OUT of the Zone and IN the Zone

Out of the ZoneIn the Zone
Limited Self-identity:

  • Self-centred, ego driven (“I, me and mine” attitude)
  • Need to prove yourself (to self & others)
  • Closed minded, speaks to impress and alienates others
  • Needs to justify, blame others or blame yourself when things happen.
  • Comes across as pushy, passive or needy
  • Insecure, unsure & hesitant
  • Feels dissatisfied and unhappy
Expanded Self-identity:

  • Self-aware, self-assured (“you, us and we” attitude)
  • Comfortable in your own skin
  • Open minded, confident and approachable
  • Able to creatively collaborate with others – joint ownership of outcomes (no ego gets in the way)
  • Humble and therefore able to truly listen
  • Easily attracts support of others
  • Feels fulfilled and happy
Limited Outlook:

  • Limited by conventional thinking
  • Unwilling to change – fixed in old habit patterns
  • Stuck in the box, spinning wheels and loses ground
Expanded Outlook:

  • Infinite possibility thinking
  • Creative, thinks out of the box and creates extra-ordinary outcomes
  • Embraces new ideas – readily adopts new processes
Lost in the past and future:

  • Busy mind & clouded thinking
  • Indecisive & unproductive
  • Stuck in negative self talk
  • Procrastination
  • Feel overwhelmed
Fully Aware in the Moment:

  • Clear & focused
  • Decisive & productive
  • Proactive
  • Spontaneous action
  • Feel as if time expands

  • Externally driven
  • Adrenalin pumped & tense
  • Highs and lows
  • Not sustainable
  • Stressful & energy draining
  • Creates a fearful win/lose environment

  • Internal (from within)
  • Relaxed body & calm mind
  • Feeling good
  • Sustainable – without downsides
  • Stress-free & effortless
  • Creates a dynamic win/win environment

  • Take on other people’s emotions and therefore become emotionally drained
  • Unable to be objective & clear
  • Incapable of being truly supportive

  • Aware of & understand other people’s emotions but don’t take any of it onboard
  • Remain relaxed, clear and objective
  • Capable of being truly supportive
Manage people:

  • Prioritise process before people
  • React with emotional charge
  • Use carrot and stick to motivate others
  • Manipulate people through use of language, promises and urgency
Influence people:

  • Prioritise people before process
  • Respond with calm clarity without any judgemental barriers
  • Being of service for a win-win outcome
  • Inspire and influence others with love

  • Translates into self-righteousness, impatience, frustration, bullying and disrepect
  • Withholds information, energy and themselves
  • Not willing to take risks in case they look stupid and suffer repercussions

  • Translates into caring, kindness, patience and generosity
  • Provides service with love, engendering goodwill, enthusiasm and loyalty
  • Willing to take risks, think outside the square and participate in full


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CEOs of companies large and small who are interested in transforming the culture of their organisation to one of spontaneous Peak Performance by prioritising emotional mastery in ALL staff.

Salespeople who (a) are shooting for the stars or (b) have lost their mojo and want it back right now.

Individuals who want to feel totally confident and comfortable in their skin in any and every circumstance at work and in life.

Managers, business leaders, innovators, salespeople, educators, healthcare providers, sportspeople and individuals who are ready to transform their world NOW.

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