Wealth in The Zone


Wealth in The Zone

Become a Champion in Wealth

What is important to realise is that wealth is subjective according to your circumstances and your past experience. What one person considers wealthy another may consider poor.

There are also other ways that human beings measure wealth:
  • Knowledge & wisdom
  • Quality of life
  • Depth of relationships
  • Life experiences
  • Feeling of gratitude & love

Champion in WealthIt is possible to feel insecure and have a sense of lack, even when you have a lot of money and assets by western standards. This is because the future is unpredictable, and there is always the possibility that you can lose it all. This uncertainty can cause feelings of insecurity.

It is also possible to feel totally whole and fulfilled when there is little money or material assets, if you know how to live present in this moment without being plagued by worries about the future. In this state of gratitude, you feel that all your needs are already met. You are in the Zone.

In a human life, the amount of money you have fluctuates over your lifetime. It’s wonderful to enjoy all that money can buy, when money is plentiful and overflowing in your life. This is a common experience when you are Zoning high! In this abundant phase of life, you will find that you are spontaneously moved to share this wealth with others and hence, enjoy the enormous privilege and benefit of giving.

As you can see, money per se has nothing to do with how you feel. If you would like to feel wealthy in all aspects of your life, you need to learn how to remove the mental and emotional barriers that stop you from feeling secure, whole, content and fulfilled regardless of your financial circumstances.

To learn how to experience this unconditional wealth, please see our Individual Programs or our High Zone Intensive Program information.


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