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You know you have gained mastery when you are able to teach another what you know… and it is by coaching others that you realize a deeper level of understanding. If you are drawn to helping others realize their full potential and achieve extraordinary success and fulfillment, we invite you to become a Zone Coach.

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Zonehigh Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

The Zonehigh Core Philosophy

The Zonehigh Core Philosophy introduces you to the basic concepts of Zone. To understand what is the Zone and how it works to enable you and your team to become a champion at work and in life, please read this first.

The Zonehigh Train the Trainer Program is for:

  • Human Resources Managers, Learning & Development Managers, Culture Ambassador, Trainers & facilitator, Sales Managers – anyone in an organisation who is responsible for the wellbeing, productivity, peak performance, teamwork, OH&S and leadership development.
  • Extraordinary people who are drawn to a practical spiritual philosophy which recognises the power of LOVE to transform their business and their world. This leads to creative, collaborative teamwork and flows onto exceptional customer service where intuition and initiative plays an important role.
  • People who are looking for a powerful, simple and out of the box methodology to facilitate change for themselves and their staff in order to create extraordinary outcomes for their company.

The Train the Trainer program provides the organization with an in-house Zone Coach who will be able to train others within the organization to work and live in the Zone. The skills that you will learn and the tools that you will have access to will help you resolve any issues that may arise with your staff in an effective, efficient and harmonious way.

This ability to create instant outcomes for yourself and your staff will ensure increased productivity and peak performance without stress. This will obviously lead to staff retention and the attraction of talented staff, as well as a reduction in sick/stress leave.

This makes it a cost-effective solution, if the designated Zone Coach has the time to perform this function.

If you think this is you or your company, then register for the Zonehigh Train the Trainer Program. It will transform your life, the lives of your staff and the culture of your organisation forever.

Zonehigh Train the Trainer Program:

5 Day Course – 2 day High Zone Intensive Course + 3 day Zone Coach Training Course

10 Professional Development Webinars – 2 hours per month (Feb-Nov) (optional)

12-months License for 30 Zone Digital Program (includes the “A day in the Zone” toolboxes)

Investment: Call Michelle Stanton on 0404 808 750

For a no-obligation consultation about the fit of the Zonehigh Train the Trainer Program for your organization, please call Michelle on 0404 808 750 or email her at

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