Debunk your fears and Discover Heaven on Earth

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It’s wonderful to be able to work without the anxiety and stress that used to be my constant companion. The big difference is being able to instantly change how I feel. Kerry Roberts, Nurse and Organising Consultant

I have found a simple yet extremely powerful method that allows my heart to sing always. Michelle has painted a masterpiece of eternal love, peace and happiness. Adrian Crevatin, Artist

The bond between us has strengthened and our relationship with others has transformed. Debunking has become an integral part of our lives. Paul and Kerry Klavins, Hobart

This amazing book has taken me to a mindless state of nothingness, everything is perfection AS IT IS. Lesley Gewin, Tasmania

The Timeless World

Debunk your fears and Discover Heaven on Earth

The Timeless WorldSportspeople who have experienced the Timeless World call it “the zone”. Couples in love call it a state of “falling deeply in love”. People in business would call this a state of exceptionally high emotional intelligence. Spiritual seekers call it enlightenment.

Many people have experienced this state at some time in their lives, but are unaware of the conditions necessary for this state to arise. Having awakened in 1995, Michelle Stanton provides the intellectual understanding required to raise your emotional intelligence and experience this magical world for yourself. She shows you how to debunk the fears that stop you from realising your full potential.

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