Selling in the Zone

"Before starting the Zone Program I was listing 3-4 properties a month and thinking that was my limit. Nine months later, I'm listing and selling between 6-10 properties a month and looking for more. The boundaries I used to impose on myself are gone." Andre Dantu, Ray White

Selling in the Zone

Selling in the Zone

Selling in the Zone

When I met Michelle, I was a struggling real estate agent. I’d left my corporate job which paid $70-$80 thousand a year at the age of 52 and had thought that if I could earn $100 thousand in real estate sales, it would be great. Unfortunately 9 months into my new career, I was not making it. This is when I was lucky enough to be Zone trained. Every year since then, I have been more successful. Now 3 years after Zone training, I’ve had my best year yet! I have earned more than $500 thousand in sales commissions this year (2011) when the real estate market in general was particularly challenging and I’m now looking forward to earning $1million in a year. I could not have done it without the tools to debunk the stories I used to believe that threw me OUT of the Zone. If I decide to build a team of real estate agents, I will ensure that each and every one of them are Zone trained as soon as possible. In my opinion, Zone training is a mandatory requirement for all sales people who wish to succeed at an extraordinary level in sales. Daniel Ochse, Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer, Harris Real Estate

Through Zone training, I started thinking potentialities instead of focusing on attaining specific must have goals… and stepped into the Zone. The amount of business I attracted increased by 25% in a declining market, with less input and stress and my company also became the No. 1 office out of 43, for the first time. Stephen Venn, Director, Brock Harcourts, Colonel Light Gardens
Zone training proved to be a huge success. Not only were the benefits immediate and measurable, I believe the skills learnt will last a lifetime. After initially being a little skeptical, I am now a firm believer in the value of Zone training.  Simon Norris, Sales Director, Club Financial Services
Through Zone training we literally became client magnets overnight. We got to the point where we were attracting so much business with no effort that we virtually had to turn clients away! People would say to me “I want what you’ve got” and I’d send them to be Zone trained! Ashley Knoote- Parke, Senior Partner, Tish ‘n enigma
Zone training has helped me become fully present when engaging clients. This enables me to listen, understand and respond effectively to my clients needs. Dan Atkins, Managing Director, Shaper Group
One month after starting my Zone Program, I tripled my personal best in sales – in December! What was truly remarkable was that it just happened – I felt no pressure or stress to perform. I now greet each day with a feeling of infinite possibilities! Phil Richards, Finance manager, Acquired Home Loans
As a person with a deeply ingrained mindset, I could not believe how easily I’m utilizing the Zone tools. In the Zone, I’m attracting with no extra effort almost like magic, Big Brand, high spending corporate clients that are only too happy to do business with me and to invest in far greater quantities than ever before. Chris Carpenter, Chris Carpenter Motivational Services
During my very first Zone session, I immediately started to feel clear, energised, enthusiastic and ready to go! Nothing was too hard anymore. Within 24 hours I had listed a property just under $1m and appraisals started coming in. It’s as if people out there could feel my positive vibes – the phone just kept ringing! Within 4 weeks, I had 5 listings representing 38 properties. It’s wonderful to be back in the Zone! Rhonda Vandervalk, Ray White
Sales spontaneously happen when you’re in the Zone with the phone ringing just when you need it with a new client or opportunity. And the best part of being in the Zone is FEELING GOOD every single day regardless of what happens! Accepting things for what they are and getting rid of “must-achieve” outcomes has unlocked unlimited possibilities and extraordinary success.  Nick Duffield, Managing Director, iHomes  
After 3 years of working hard in real estate sales, I really thought that I was not cut out for it. Within one month of starting the Zone Program, I achieved top 10 status at my company for the month. Anne Miller, Ring Partners
As a result of Zone training, the previous desperation and fear has been replaced by a relaxed and peaceful disposition. I am more able to concentrate, work more purposefully and hence people want to do business with me. Creativity is high and I’m meeting and exceeding my sales budgets. Deb McKenzie, Business Development Manager, Complete Office Supplies
In every company I’ve worked with in the past 15 years, I’ve always achieved membership into the elite national selling criteria each year. Given my success, it was surprising that I still worried about my sales and worked long hours, often finding it hard to relax. What Zone training did for me is allow me to continue at the highest level of performance without feeling stressed. Linda Baker, Ray White
When I’m in the Zone, I become so much more attractive to people. Being relaxed and enjoying life, people feel comfortable in my presence and want to be part of my network. They don’t feel pressured or “hunted” in any way. By using the 2 Zone tools, I’ve been able to attract greater numbers of like-minded people into my team, resulting in greater growth in my businesses. Best of all, I’m having a ball! Sally Curtis, Network Marketer and Connector
Zone training has helped me get my mojo back & win the “Residential BDM of the Year” at AFG again this year, after winning it for the first time three years ago. I am now able to maximise my outcomes by attracting bigger and bigger clients.  Debbie Ettridge, BDM, AFG
In November my business partner and I broke a real estate record in South Australia – the highest price achieved for a city residence sold at auction. We were very pleased and somewhat surprised as we did this after the GFC was in full swing. This is only one example of the magic that happens when you are selling in the Zone. Irusia Armattoe, Ray White
Since undertaking the Zone Program, we reaffirmed our purpose, target market and method of selling. The work has flooded in and we have won a National Branding Award and the Small Business Champion Award (Business Services SA) 2008. Janet Craig, Managing Director, 7C Communications Group

The most profound difference I’ve noticed since being Zone trained is the ease of handling situations that would normally stress me out. By staying calm, I’m able to find creative solutions and remain productive throughout the whole day regardless of what happens. Before I found these Zone tools, I was thinking of getting out or real estate. Now I enjoy my work more than ever and success is so much more effortless. Debbie Footner, Ring Partners (Real Estate)

Rob Hutchings, Chiropractor, Health Align

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