Stress Free Success in Sales

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Zone training exponentially changed the landscape of our business. We literally became client magnets overnight. We got to the point where we were attracting so much business with no effort that we virtually had to turn clients away! Ashley Knoote-Parke, Senior Partner, tish‘n enigma

Before I started The Zone Program I was listing 3–4 properties a month and thinking that I was busy. Nine months later, I’m listing and selling between 6–10 properties a month and looking for more. The boundaries I used to impose on myself are gone. Not only am I more profitable, I now have time to plan my business and enjoy time with my family. Andre Dantu, Ray White

Prior to Zone training, my mind was full of chatter and far too many stories. It would make up stories as to why deals didn’t come through and why budgets were hard to achieve. My body was tense and there was a sense of urgency combined with fear. In the Zone, the previous desperation and fear has been replaced by a relaxed and peaceful disposition. My creativity is high and my sales budgets are met and exceeded. Deb McKenzie, Business Development Manager, Complete Office Supplies

One month after starting The Zone Program, I wrote a record number of loans for the month of December 2008 dispelling the myth that December is always a quiet month – in fact I tripled my personal best in sales that month! What was truly remarkable was that it just happened – I felt no pressure or stress to perform. Phil Richards, Finance Manager, Acquired Home Loans

We initially Zone trained our 19 sales and support staff at FIVEaa and the results made it an easy decision to put our NOVA team into the Zone and have it for all our new recruits – on both radio stations. I certainly believe Michelle Stanton has developed the tools to effectively get sales teams into a state of peak performance. Bronwyn Klei, Group Client Director, DMG Radio

Having dropped out of the Zone after taking time off for an operation, everything felt like a hard slog. After 3 frustrating weeks, I enrolled in The Zone Program. During my very first Zone session, I immediately started to feel clear, energised and ready to go! Within 24 hours, I had listed a property just under $1m. Within 4 weeks, I had 5 listings representing 38 properties. It’s wonderful to be back in the Zone! Rhonda Vandervalk, Ray White

As soon as I experienced the Zone, I said goodbye to the fear and anxiety that had ruled my life. I can now walk into a client meeting with an open heart and mind that allows me, and the client, to tap into an entire spectrum of ideas, options and opportunities. One way or another, my meetings always end up in successful client engagements and lasting professional relationships. Nick Palousis, Principal, Shaper Group and 2006 Young South Australian of the Year

After 3 years of working hard in real estate sales, I really thought that I was not cut out for it. Within one month of starting The Zone Program, I achieved top 10 status at my company for the month. The Zone Program is truly designed for ‘The Making of Champions’ in sales. Anne Miller, Ring Partners (Real Estate)

By using the Zone tools daily for the past 12 months, my personal sales increased by 25% in a declining market, with less input and stress and my company also became the No. 1 office out of 43, for the first time. We’re now putting our whole sales team through The Zone Program. Stephen Venn, Director, Brock Harcourts, Colonel Light Gardens

Zone training proved to be a huge success. Not only were the benefits immediate and measurable, I believe the skills learnt will last a lifetime. After initially being a little sceptical, I am now a firm believer in the value of The Zone Program. Simon Norris, Sales Director, Club Financial Services

Selling in the Zone

Stress Free Success in Sales

Selling in the ZoneThis book is for you if…

  • You are in sales!
  • You’d love to win ‘The Salesperson of the Year’ award in your company but you don’t know how.
  • Fear of failure is keeping you awake at night.
  • You want to be ‘The Top Prospector’ in your industry but picking up the phone stresses you out.
  • Your’e already at the top of your selling profession but want to see how you can really fly.
  • You’ve fallen out of the Zone and can’t seem to get back into this powerful state of flow.
  • Your’e very successful but experiencing early symptoms of burnot such as heart palpatations, panic attacks, anxiety driven activity, de-motivation or boredom.
  • You’d love to see your sales team exceed their sales budgets without feeling pressured or stressed.

It takes more than sales technique to achieve extra-ordinary success in sales. To become a Champion in Sales you need to get in the Zone! The Zone is the peak performance state that champion athlete experience when they’re winning. It’s also the state that musicians and artists step into when they create masterpieces.

When Sales professionals enter the Zone, they break sales records without even trying!

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