How to See Things as They Really Are


My 12 year old daughter was very distressed because she had not received an invitation to Sara’s (her friend’s) birthday party and thought that Sara did not want to be friends any more. She listened to the Reality Check tool and then told me that she could not really know what Sara was thinking and felt better. The next day, she went to school and calmly asked Sara if she wanted her to attend her birthday party, and found out that Sara had actually sent her an invitation, which much have got lost in the mail. Jenny Baxton

I had a slow couple of weeks at work because I believed that my customers would not renew their membership due to the drought. I became disheartened and de-motivated. Fortunately, a friend reminded me to do a reality check which made me realise that “the drought” was only an assumption that I had made because a couple of my clients gave me this excuse! With renewed energy, I got back on the phone and exceeded my sales target for the month! Jay Bowman

As I was backing out of my driveway, a taxi ran into me. I was upset for about 15 minutes then remembered to do a reality check, which instantly made me feel calm enough to get on with my day, feeling good. Sharon Cross

I was extremely disappointed that I had not got the job I had applied for. I had done a great interview and was certain that I was a perfect fit for it. My wife helped me do a reality check, which enabled me to let this go and enthusiastically keep looking for another job. I was offered the job of my dreams two weeks later and was so glad I did get that previous job! Alex Stone

Reality Check

Reality CheckHow to See Things as They Really Are

  • Reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Improve your relationships
  • Be more positive and empowered to move forward
  • Simple and easy to use, anywhere, anytime


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