More Powerful than a Power Nap!


I was working full time and doing my PhD at the same time. The workload was horrendous and I was feeling quite overwhelmed.. I relied on the 10 minute Re-Energise session each day to allow me to be productive for 16 hours every day seven days a week for many months. Working 112 hours a week is not recommended but, if you need to do it for a period of time, the Re-Energise tool is invaluable! Nick Papadakis

After a 7 month sabbatical, I went back to work. On the first day, by lunch time, I was feeling tired and questioning if I really wanted to be there! I listened to Re-Energise for 10 minutes in my car during my lunch break and was delighted to find that without a thought in my head, I cheerfully went back to work with energy and enthusiasm, The afternoon just flew by, and my new team members were very pleased with my performance and so was I. The best thing was that I still felt refreshed when I got home instead of exhausted. I’m going to use the Re-Energise tool every day!” Alison Stewart
“It was 4pm in the afternoon and I had hit the wall. I needed to give a dinner party that evening but had absolutely no energy left to do anything. I listened to Re-Energise and got my second wind. I was able to go home and cook a fabulous meal and entertain my friends until 11 o’clock at night feeling great. I just love this tool! Sue Lake

Whenever I need a boost, I reach for my Re-Energise tool, instead of a cup of coffee or energy drink. It stops my hands from shaking and lying awake at night, from too much caffeine and saves me money too! It works a treat. Gary Story

I don’t know what I would do without my Re-Energise tool. I’m a busy mum with a full time job. By Re-Energising on the bus on the way home from work, I’m able to clear my head and have the energy to pay full attention to my children and husband when I get home, If I start getting irritable on the weekends, my husband encourages me to Re-Energise! Jane Liew


More Powerful than a Power Nap!

Re-energiseIn 10 short minutes:

  • Re-charge your body and refresh your mind for another 8 hours!
  • Increase your clarity, creativity and focus
  • Simple and easy to use, anywhere, anytime
  • Suitable for all ages – adults and children
  • Comprehensive information booklet included

AU$29.95 (incl GST in Australia)
AU$27.23 (outside Australia)

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