Productivity at Work

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Productivity at Work

Become a Productivity Champion

Productivity is not about working hard!

It is all about generating effective and efficient outcomes over a sustainable period.

Sometimes, it is known as working smart!

Some people work very hard, thinking that it is hard work that generates great results. Unfortunately, hard work alone is not the key factor for success. In fact working too hard can cause reduction in productivity due to exhaustion and lack of clarity over priorities. It can also lead to de-motivation and burnout.

Lack of productivity can also be caused by a number of other factors, all linked to lack of clarity.

Clarity is present when the body is relaxed and the mind is calm and you are free from fears and confusion. You are in the Zone.

A clear mind makes it easy to perform the following critical functions in the Zone:
  • Set the direction for yourself and your team to follow
  • Generate innovative and effective strategy
  • Set priorities, be aware of them during the day and ensure the highest priorities are completed
  • Make good decisions promptly and without angst
  • Effortlessly come up with creative ideas, solutions & innovations
  • Respond positively to change
  • Get on with the job at hand – without procrastination
  • Meet deadlines without stress
  • Communicate effectively across all levels without barriers
  • Spontaneously inspire and motivate yourself and your team with “infinite possibility” thinking

Productivity When the mind is clouded with regrets from the past and concerns for the future, it is difficult to perform at your peak in the moment. You are OUT of the Zone. In this disturbed state of being, it feels like you are caught in a merry-go-round that is spiralling out of control with you on it. When this happens it is impossible to see the wood for the trees. Your productivity is compromised.

If this negative state of being is allowed to continue, you eventually become paralysed by fear and confusion, unable to move forward or back. Productivity comes to a standstill which causes even more stress. Many people fall ill or resign to escape, because they don’t know any other way to shift out of this debilitating state of being and enter the Zone.

When you remove the mental and emotional barriers that create a clouded mind and enter the Zone, your productivity spontaneously increases.

To learn more about how to step into the Zone and gain the clarity necessary for peak performance and productivity, please see our Individual Programs or our High Zone Intensive Program information.


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