Past Retreats

Past Spiritual Retreats

Raise your consciousness to the highest level possible by letting go – the pathway of surrender.

Past Retreats

Past Spiritual Retreats

Past Weekend and Week-Long Spiritual Retreats

“Beyond the Zone – The Power of Unconditional Love”

1 & 2 February 2014

Immerse yourself in 540+, the level of Unconditional Love, and enjoy the beautiful state of FLOW where serendipity, synchronicity, creativity and extraordinary success is your daily experience.

A fabulous way to recharge your batteries and FLOW into effortless success in 2014.

Time:  9am – 5pm daily

Venue: Barton Vale House, 20 Walker Court, Enfield, South Australia

Investment:  $550 OR $495 early bird (register by 30 November 2013)

($950 or $850 early bird per couple)

Your investment includes morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch.  water, workbook and pen.  Nothing to bring except yourself, an open mind, and a desire for extraordinary success without stress!

Everyone is welcome.  No previous Zone training is required.

To register, please email Michelle at


Previous Weekend in the Zone:

“Effortless Success”

2nd & 3rd June 2012


It is time to clear the mind and rejuvenate the body in readiness for the sprint to the end of the financial year and springboard into the New Year feeling lighter, happier and more inspired than ever before!

Come and join us for this magical Weekend in the Zone in June.

Infinite Possibility Mindset

At this two-day, live-in retreat, you will discover and debunk the last splinters of beliefs that hold you back from realising your full potential in life. With an infinite possibility mindset, you can experience life beyond your wildest dreams.

The Alexander Technique

You will be introduced to the Alexander Technique (AT), which will greatly enhance your experience of Sensing What Is during normal activity. As your awareness in action expands, you Zone higher and higher. Chris Raff, a renowned AT teacher in Adelaide, who was trained in London in the eighties will facilitate this 3-hour workshop.

The Sedona Method

You will also be introduced to the Sedona Method, which provides a really simple short-cut for dissolving the remnants of your limiting beliefs, now that you have debunked the major issues with Zone training.

Level 3 Zone

At the end of the last day, there will be an opportunity to explore Level 3 Zone – what is required and what the benefits are of living life at this level.

Performance in the Zone

On the Saturday night, we will have a “Performance in the Zone.”  If you would like to experience performing in the Zone, please prepare a song, dance, poetry reading, musical piece to play, a joke to tell, a skit to perform etc. You may do a solo piece or perform in a group of 2 or more.   Otherwise, enjoy being entertained in the Zone. It’ll be a FUN evening of learning and entertainment!

Agenda Day 1:  Saturday, 2nd June

  • Situational Debunking to clear any limiting beliefs still remaining
  • Introduction to the Alexander technique
  • Performance in the Zone

Agenda Day 2:  Sunday, 3rd June

  • Sedona Method
  • Zoney Goal Statements
  • Hootlessness
  • Emotional Scale Release
  • The 4 Wants
  • Zone Timeline
  • Level 3 Zone (4-5pm)

The weekend was a step up to greater awareness and clarity. Thank you, Michelle, for continually updating and expanding your work.  You are a great facilitator, to assist us in realizing our potential. Robert Alcock, Step Marketing Services

This weekend was a pivotal time in my life.  I have learnt how to let go of situations without having to think (short cuts).  Most powerful was the emotional scale and experiencing every level. Anne Miller

The Weekend in the Zone has resulted in yet more fundamental shifts in my awareness. It has given me some powerful tools to help me see the truth in living. Very profound. Nick Palousis, Sustainable Business Practices

To really Zone high it has been awesome to be in a group dropping away limitations and Zoning higher and higher.  To experience this as a group really deepened it and helps enormously to expand into every moment of our lives. Sabine Toh

I’ve benefited incredibly much: my relationship, expansion of Zone awareness, capacity as a professional and view of life – all greatly enhanced. Nick Duffield, Hunter Careers

It has been an amazing get-away-from-it-all holiday – as good as a trip overseas or even better! Daria Tikhonova

Where:  The Monastery, 15 Cross Road, Glen Osmond

When:  9am Saturday, 2 June – 5pm Sunday 3 June 2012

Investment: $770 (ZCN member: $695)  Maximum: 36 participants

Your investment includes Saturday night accommodation (twin share) and all meals, morning and afternoon tea and soft drinks.  This is an alcohol-free event.


If at all possible, it is truly amazing to experience a Weekend in the Zone with your partner. The pre-requisite for attendance is completion of the Zone Core Program (available as part of the Zonehigh Champions Network membership). If your partner would like to attend this weekend with you and is not certain what to do to qualify, please ask them to call Michelle on 0404 808 750.

Registration of Interest:  By 20 April

Call Michelle on 0404 808 750 by Friday, April 20 to register your interest in attending.

Bookings:  By 30 April

Call Michelle on (08) 8356 4160 or email A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to book. Please advise dietary restrictions when booking – they cater very well for special needs!

Please book as soon as possible as places are limited to 36 participants only.

What to bring: Bring your journal and pen, casual clothing (in-doors & out), footwear for walking in the grounds.

Please leave your mobile phones and laptops at home – Take a refreshing break from technology for a weekend! For emergencies only, give Michelle’s mobile phone number (0404 808 750) which will be checked during breaks.


Previous Week-long Retreat

It is with great joy that I invite you to join us for our inaugural Retreat & Holiday in the Zone in Bali in January 2012.

This Hi-Zone Immersion Retreat (5 day / 5 night) is for our advanced Zone clients who are interested in living life in Level 3 Zone – the magical state of Unconditional Deep Inner Peace, where things just happen.

I have incorporated a (6 day / 5 night) holiday at the end of the Retreat in Bali so that the transition back to everyday life and work is easier. You are welcome to just join us for the Retreat only, if you prefer.

At this Retreat in the Zone, you will transcend the belief system as a whole and live fully in the moment. The retreat will be sublime and a fabulous way to start the new year!

As the beautiful Retreat Centre in the mountains of Bali can only accommodate 26 people (Bryan and I included), we will only be able to take 24 clients with us. Please book early so as not to miss out on this amazing opportunity to step up to another level of Zone!

Retreat in the Zone

2nd to 7th January 2012

…followed by…

Holiday in the Zone

7th to 12th January 2012

Retreat in the Zone

We will be arriving at the Bali Mountain Retreat (BMR) at about 3pm 2nd January 2012. From 4pm to 6pm will be the introduction to the retreat and give you the agenda for the retreat.

The retreat will be run with workshops in the Joglo and beautiful natural surroundings of BMR. All the activities (see below) will form part of the Hi-Zone experience of the retreat.

The retreat will end at about 2pm on 7th January 2012.


The location for the retreat is the beautiful Bali Mountain Retreat (BMR). BMR is nestled high on the eastern slopes of Mount Batukaru in Central Bali!

Being situated in this traditional area, you will be given a unique experience with the local Balinese people and their culture. You will welcome the refreshing and revitalizing mountain air, clean spring fed water and panoramic views to the coast of Bali.

Retreat Activities

During the Retreat, there will be a number of Activities in the Zone as follows:

  1. A guided trek through the cocao and coffee plantations to the rice fields and into the local village (3 hours) – for the reasonably fit OR A guided trek to the local Bali Hindu Temple in the mountain forest (3 hours) – a very gently walk – not much fitness required at all
  2. A Balinese cooking class (1.5 hours) OR A Balinese decoration class (1.5 hours)
  3. A traditional Balinese Joged Bumbung Dance (night performance)
  4. Zonehigh Retreat Concert on the last evening*

* All those who wish to entertain us in the Zone will either sing, dance, read poetry, play a musical instrument, tell jokes, act a skit etc. Others will enjoy being entertained in the Zone. It’s going to be FUN!

Money Matters

Early Bird
(by 31 May 2011) Normal
(from 1 June 2011)
Retreat $1,400 $1,600
Holiday $400 $400
Airfare ~$800 ~$800

Total ~$2,600 ~$2,800

Affiliate commission is $100. So if you are an affiliate of Zonehigh, the total investment for early-bird is ~$2,500.

A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to book your place.

To help you save for this life-changing experience, we have organised a monthly payment plan, and if you book your place by 31 May, you can take advantage of the early bird rate.

Book in… Non-refundable deposit … then part payments in the following months…
March 2011 $300 in March 2011 Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct 2011
April 2011 $300 in April 2011 May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct 2011

May 2011 $300 in May 2011 Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct 2011

Affiliate Commission
T1 is $100
T2 is $50

Inclusions in Retreat

  • Pick up and drop off transfers to/from BMR
  • Complimentary arrival drink & refreshments
  • Balinese blessing upon arrival to Mount Batukaru
  • Accommodation with daily housekeeping service
  • All meals at BMR which include breakfasts, lunches, dinners and refreshments
  • Complimentary Baliness massage (1 hour)
  • Complimentary drinking water for the duration of the retreat – BMR offers mountain spring water which is UV filtered
  • The 4 activities listed above (under Retreat Activities)


The following table shows the type of accommodation that is available.

Room Sharing Amenities Total Capacity
Teak House Superior Rooms Triple Share Ensuite 12 people
Teak House Standard Rooms Twin Share External 4 couples
Budget Rice Hut Twin Share External 1 couple

Budget Rice Huts Single External 2 people

To find out more about BMR go to Bali Mountain Retreat homepage. [LINK]

Holiday in the Zone

Following the Retreat portion of the trip, we will be having a (6 day / 5 night) holiday at the end of the Retreat in Bali so that the transition back to everyday life and work is easier. You are welcome to just join us for the Retreat only, if you prefer.


If you have any questions at all about the Retreat or Holiday in the Zone in Bali, please call Michelle on 8356 4160, 0404 808 750, or email

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to secure your place at the retreat. Please call us on (08) 8356 4160 to book your place.
To register your interest for our next Retreat, please send an email to Michelle at


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