Physical and Emotional Pain Relief, the Natural Way


I first used these fantastic tools to help manage the pain in my hips due to Bursitis, when the cortisone injections did not work. Much to my delight, I got effective pain relief and was able to walk without limping. I also found that they worked almost instantaneously for cramps in my legs & the burns to my fingers, as well as the pain in my back. Patricia Smythe

When I was diagnosed with bone cancer, I found that the pain medication was only effective for a short time and I was in pain for an hour before I was allowed to take my next dose. I was introduced to these Pain Free tools and found them to be so effective that I was able to half my pain medication requirement. Joe Bellperio

My best friend died of cancer leaving a young family behind. I grieved for a few days and then remembered that I had the Pain Free tools. By diving into the core of the pain, I was able to come out on the other side in a state of deep inner peace, the like of which I had never experienced before. Now that I know the power of these tools, I no longer have any fears about dying alone in pain. Suzanne Lee

My 12 year old daughter had broken her arm and I took her to emergency. Whilst waiting to be attended to , I guided my daughter through the Pain Free tools which helped take the pain away. It was wonderful to be able to do something for my daughter instead of feeling helpless. Jack Wood

I had not had an undisturbed sleep for 18 months, due to a very painful injury. I would go to bed very late and fall asleep due to exhaustion but wake up in pain two to three hours later. I would lie in bed for a while, angry and frustrated that I couldn’t get back to sleep. Eventually, I would get up because the pain would intensify with my anger and I would sit up for a three to four hours and eventually go back to bed around 4-5 am to get a few more hours of exhausted sleep. Since being introduced to the Pain Free tools, I have listened to all 3 tracks including Sleep Well to go to sleep and have found that I have woken up pain free as well as feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep. I am also able to use the Pain Free tools during the day with great success. It has given me my life back! Anne Fountain

Pain Free

Physical & Emotional Pain Relief, the Natural Way

Pain FreeUse the natural power of human attention to dissolve Physical AND Emotional pain within minutes.

  • Proven, effective and fast-acting
  • Easy to use by adults and children alike
  • Just put the track on and allow the process to work for you
  • Through repetition, you’ll learn how to apply the process without the MP3
  • Comprehensive information booklet included

AU$29.95 (incl GST in Australia)
AU$27.23 (outside Australia)

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