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To perform at your peak in any sport, you must be free from stress. A tight body, a busy mind and limited awareness will critically limit your ability to perform on the field.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to just tell yourself to be relaxed, to order your mind to be quiet and to command heightened awareness. Fortunately, these are skills that can be learnt.

on the FieldThe good news is that these skills have been refined and the methodology packaged in a simple, teachable and reproducible format that is easily learnt and effortlessly utilised.

To teach the body to habitually be in a powerfully relaxed state, the mind to be quiet & calm, and awareness heightened, requires a new habit to be formed and a new understanding of the keys to success.

Fear is the greatest barrier to success in sport because it causes the body to tense, the mind to become busy and awareness to be dampened.

Some of the fears that sportspeople feel on the field include:
  • Fear of letting down your coach, your team and your fans (and sometimes your state or your country) by making a mistake
  • Fear of injury
  • Fear of humiliation (eg. Missing the crucial goal)
  • Fear of being sidelined
  • Fear of losing the game
  • Fear of NOT performing at your peak

External Performance Enhancers

Many sportspeople mistake the highly energised state fuelled by adrenalin with being in the Zone.

To induce this adrenalin-pumped state, some resort to caffeine or other legal stimulants. Unfortunately, this results in a state of “high” that makes it difficult to fall asleep and sleep soundly. To solve this problem, many reach for sleeping pills. If alcohol is added to the mix, it can be a volatile chemical cocktail which the body has to deal with.

This form of performance enhancement is definitely not sustainable for the long term.

swimmingFortunately, “being in the Zone” is a natural state for a human being and does NOT require any external input to induce this state. This being the case, there is no downside or price to pay for performing sport in the Zone.

The Zone state is present when your body is relaxed and your mind is free of mental and emotional barriers. In this state, every action is effortless and totally sustainable. Your awareness is expanded, and you find yourself spontaneously in the right place, at the right time, doing just the right thing in every given moment. Your emotional resilience is at its peak, and therefore you respond positively to any event that arises. Best of all, it is a very enjoyable and fulfilling state of being.


In team sport, how well you play as a cohesive team makes the difference between a team of stars and a star team.

baseballIn order to play as a member of a team, you must prioritise the outcome for the team ahead of any personal outcome. It is not possible to do so just by being told that it is a good idea.

For many sportspeople, there are deeply ingrained mental and emotional barriers that need to be removed before “playing as a team” becomes effortless and spontaneous, such as:
  • I must shine or else I’ll be dropped from the team
  • I don’t trust my team members to play as well as I can – I’m the star
  • What’s the point of doing my part when someone else gets the glory?

Physical Pain

Physical pain can cause limitation in your performance on the field. It is critical that you have a simple, effective and fast-working tool to dissolve the pain while you are still in the game.

As one SANFL (Aussie Rules Football) client stated, the pain in his thighs and calves from lactic acid build-up dissolved within seconds of applying the Zone tools.

Many sportspeople live their lives between games in a state of stress and anxiety. Some feel the weight of expectations of their fans and the media, particularly when they or their team have lost a game.

Because sportspeople are not trained to readily dissolve this stress using simple and effective tools, some release this stress by reacting inappropriately to provocation such as negative comments. Some of these behaviours make the headlines and include, alcohol abuse, punching people, domestic violence and so on.

It’s much easier to perform at your peak when you are able to enjoy your life and feel fulfilled off the field as well as on the field. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for most people to compartmentalise their life. If their personal life is in trouble, this usually carries over on to the field.


To assist with recovery from injury, it is beneficial to be in a stress-free, positive state of being – to be in the Zone even when you are off the field. Any fears about not being able to recover and perform at your peak once again will only delay your recovery.

To learn about the method for for dissolving pain and how to debunk the mental and emotional barriers that cause fear to arise, please see our Individual Programs or our High Zone Intensive Program information.

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