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"It is very dangerous to have your self-worth riding on your results as an athlete." - Jim Courier

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For many sportspeople, the pressure on the field spills over into their Personal lives. Between the adoring fans when you’ve won, the angry fans when you’ve lost, and trying to live a normal life as a father/mother/husband/wife/son/daughter… it’s a tough gig.

Not only is there a huge expectation to perform on the sporting field, it is also expected that sportspeople provide a perfect role model for the rest of society.

This unrelenting pressure to always be perfect does not provide sportspeople with the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them in private, particularly when they are young and growing up in the public eye.

When the pressure cooker reaches the critical point, some sportspeople explode into drunkenness, rage, domestic violence and other inappropriate behaviour. Others may slide into depression, withdrawal or mental and emotional dysfunction.

This situation has negative impact on their families and their relationships with others.

Imagine what your life would be like if you knew how to dissolve the pressure and stress. How would your life transform if your resilience was exceptionally high?
“You can have all the skills in sport but you need to get the head right in order to perform at your peak. Zone Training has given me the tools to deal with any problem that may arise in my life. My anger and stress levels have dropped and I am generally much happier on and off the field.”  Dean Brogan, Vice-Captain Port Power (Australia Football League)

After Professional Sport

Some sportspeople may be anxious about their professional career coming to an end. Some of their fears could include:
  • Fear of loss of identity
  • Fear of loss of financial support
  • Fear of working in a “normal” job
  • Fear of the unknown

Imagine what your life would be like, if you could debunk these fears and enjoy the last months or years of your career and hence to have the clarity to be open to opportunities beyond sport.

Matthew Bode“The more I engage in using the key Zone Tool the more pleasure I get out of it. It’s something I can use for the rest of my life to benefit me and my family. The value for me has been a priceless experience. I just wish I had the training 10 years earlier – it would have been a much more enjoyable career.”  Matthew Bode, Adelaide Crows (Australian Football League)

To learn how to debunk these fears and enjoy a fulfilling life on and off the field, for the rest of your career and beyond, please see our Individual Programs or our High Zone Intensive Program information.

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