Living in the Zone

"Zone training has given me the tools to handle the impact of the breakdown of my marriage and the loss of both my parents. Without these tools I would still be sitting here today burning up with resentment, anger and sorrow." Kerrie Akkerman

Living in the Zone

Living in the Zone

Living in The Zone

In the Timeless World, I found that nothing is a struggle. It is wonderful to be able to work without the anxiety and stress that used to be my constant companion for many years. The big difference is being able to instantly change how I feel. Even though nothing has changed at the hospital where I work, I now feel as if I have oodles of time to spend with my patients. Living in the Timeless World is both free and freeing! Kerry Roberts, Nurse and Organising Consultant

Michelle helped me work through my blocks when I faced challenges in running my cleaning company, which is franchised. It is wonderful to feel this sense of FREEDOM and peacefulness. I feel blessed to have Michelle as my emotional mentor. Jan Sutherland, M.D. Dial a Wife

Through my constant search for ways to better manage the depression I have suffered for 18 years, I came across the ‘Debunking and Sensing What Is’ tools. They have helped me to manage the depressive episodes, increased my self-esteem and helped me operate more effectively in my life. I am more peaceful and able to better handle the emotions that just seem to ‘appear’ at times. Recently, I was able to handle a redundancy very maturely and even managed to negotiate a larger payout without feeling anger or hurt about the situation. Up to a few years ago, this situation would have devastated me. I am so happy to have learnt these 2 simple tools. Marianne Graham, Energy Trader

We seem to be experiencing more and more of these moments of awareness, and I know, without a doubt, that the debunking method Michelle taught my husband and me has been instrumental in this change. We’ve often remarked how lucky we are to have such a wonderful relationship and now marvel at how using this tool has not only strengthened our bond even more, but it is affecting and making a difference on my relationships with others. Debunking has become an integral part of my life. Paul and Kerry Klavins, Hobart

I can only describe our encounter as a timely meeting of souls. At the workshops every negative thought was put to the test (debunking: “Is it true?”). It was a liberating experience for all of us while a range of emotions from fear to disbelief, echoed by laughter and tears, filled the room. All I know is that it feels like home, then and now, as my fears and anxieties subside and I let go of all thoughts, embracing the moment and the peaceful acceptance of What Is. A year later, I’m aware that the simple tools I have been given are still with me. When I get lost they bring me back to the here and now.” Anna Maria Plescia, Teacher

I really “got it” at one of Michelle’s amazingly refreshing workshops where I finally moved some spiritual truths out of my mind into my heart. We always think we know something, but to really “get” it is a breakthrough. I quake in the power of her debunking skill, because I can never regress into the old way of seeing things again!” Aileen Peer, Business Owner, Lemon Myrtle Essentials

I found living in The Zone beneficial to the self-esteem problem I was experiencing when I attended Michelle’s workshop. What I learnt had such an impact on me and my life that I find myself now wanting to help other people… and that certainly came out of a Michelle Stanton experience. Mark Stone, Sports Producer

I found Michelle, her books and newsletters a spiritual inspiration that has guided and reassured me now for some years. They continue to help me to explore new pathways in my spiritual journey. Des Quint, Queensland

I have truly for the first time in my life found a simple yet extremely powerful method that allows my heart to sing always! I’ve gained the faith that everything I need is right here and now. Michelle has painted a masterpiece – that of eternal love, peace and happiness. Every moment is pure love. Thank you. Adrian Crevatin, Artist

I have explored consciousness with a variety of studies but this amazing book has taken me to a place where the search is over. In this mindless state of nothingness, everything is perfect AS IT IS. I so love the simple easy way you share your love in the written wisdom. Lesley Gerwin, Tasmania

I met Michelle earlier this year (2013) and felt an instant connection.  Since then I took Michelle’s High Zone Intensive Course, and I’ve never looked back.  I recommend that anyone who feels “not on top of the world” speak with Michelle and attend her training session. It’s life-changing. Wendy Looi-Penhall, Business Development Manager, YWCA of Adelaide


Past experiences of this program


Kerrie Akkermans, Kerrie Akkermans Consulting


Rob Hutchings, Chiropractor, Health Align


Matthew Bode, past Adelaide Crows Player


Nick Palousis, Young South Australian 2006


David Story, Disabilty Care Worker, Minda Homes


Dean Brogan, Port Power – Vice-Captain

In fact you will discover how the Zone can help you achieve peak performance without the stress no matter what industry you work in.


Stephen Venn, Principal, Brock Harcourts Colonel Light Gardens


Bronwyn Klei, Group Client Director, DMG Radio

The Zone is particularly useful in dealing with all personal situations in your life such as…


Anne Miller, BDM, Zonehigh


Beverley McBride


And even in sport, be it as an amateur or at the highest professional level.


Rob Hutchings, Long distance swimmer


If you are tired of not achieving your dreams and are sick of the stress of everyday life and the people who you interact with, then listen to this…


Barry Collins-McBride

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