Golf In The Zone

Contributed by Easy Swing Golf Director Jon White - PGA Member and AAA-accredited Golf Coach


Golf In The Zone

Reaching Your Potential

I have been a golf professional and golf coach for over 25 years, and I am passionate about both the game and helping people. I feel the greatest sense of satisfaction when I see people enjoying the great game of golf. This generally comes when people are able to play consistently at their potential.

I have come to learn that reaching your potential in golf is not really about whether you are using the most expensive golf clubs or golf balls, it is mainly about having a good swing technique for your body and your mind being ‘in the zone.’

A Superior Golf Swing Technique

For most of my career I played and taught the traditional golf swing. However, as time went by I grew restless thinking that there must be a better way to play golf, particularly to achieve greater consistency. I knew the answer was not in trying to emulate Happy Gilmore!

Fortunately I found a simplified golf swing, developed by a maths and science professor (Jack Kuykendall), which eliminates many of the moving body parts in the traditional golf swing and reduces stresses on the body. Rather than bore you with the science, in essence, the easy golf swing is all about employing optimum body mechanics to make the golf swing much easier to reproduce – which leads to greater accuracy and distance and better performance.

Since finding this easy golf swing six years ago, I now use this technique, and I have seen hundreds of my golf students benefit. Just one of the many success stories appears further below.

While this swing is for everyone, many of the golfers who have felt the greatest benefit are those who love the game but due to some form of physical limitation, often due to age, were at the point of giving the game away. The easy golf swing has enabled them to continue to enjoy playing, pain free.

Being In The Golf Mind Zone

You have probably heard elite, successful sports people say that they were “in the zone” during peak performance. What they really mean is that they were living in the moment, with no thoughts of the past or future. They know that they have developed a good technique, they have done the practice and they are trusting of that preparation and are now just letting things flow.

To help me with my mind zone, I recently completed a five-day Zone coach training program conducted by peak performance, emotional master and presence coach, Michelle Stanton. To say this was enlightening would be a complete understatement. I have never experienced such a feeling of being completely at peace and present in the moment.

A key to the techniques that Michelle teaches is their simplicity – much the same as our philosophy for golf with Easy Swing.

I am already finding the Zone techniques extremely beneficial not only to my own game but also to my golfer students as part of my golf lessons.

As soon as we dissolve the thoughts about what we don’t want to do (future) or how we feel after our last shot (past), an amazing transformation begins.

Easy Swing Golf Success

Here’s what just one of the many successful Easy Swing Golf clients has to say:

Hi my name is Vince, and I am a member of Richmond Golf Club in New South Wales. I am currently playing off a 17 handicap but I have been as low as 9 many years ago.  I recently purchased the E2E swing training kit from Jon White, and I have been using it for four weeks. I have also purchased the 13-inch thick grips. I have just played a competition round of golf and scored even par, which is 70 off the stick scoring 53 stableford points – this is the best round I have ever had. Also I have rung Jon on a number of occasions – he has always returned my call and resolved my problems. The support I have received has been nothing but the best I could ask for. I am 58 years old, and I was looking for an easier way to play golf, and this is it.  I have gained 10% in my distance and it is only early days. Thank you Jon and professor Kuykendall.

Let Easy Swing Golf Help You

I am tremendously excited about sharing with you not only the simple Easy Swing golf techniques, but also simple thinking techniques to help you experience the wonders of finding your peak performance mind zone.

Please visit the Easy Swing website or give me a call on 0405 354 276.

By the way, at Easy Swing, as well as giving golf lessons, we also offer deluxe golf tours, corporate golf days, networking and team-building events.

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