HR / Culture Managers

HR / Culture Managers

People are your greatest asset because they have the capacity to multiply productivity way beyond the scope of any machine. Take care of your people, and your business will take care of itself.

HR / Culture Managers

HR / Culture Managers

Zone (Peak Performance) Culture

Central to the Zone (Peak Performance) Culture is Love, which translates in business into caring, kindness, patience, generosity and compassion for your fellow team members, other employees, customers, suppliers, other stake holders and the community at large.

Far more than material assets, human beings crave feeling wanted, appreciated and cared for. Love is the greatest motivator of all.

Your people will work tirelessly for your business when they feel wanted, appreciated and cared for by their managers, team members and staff. They will do more for Love than any amount of money offered.

If this is combined with a clear belief that what they do at work really helps others in the world and contributes to making the world a better place, your people will bring passion, inspiration and commitment to your business.

As Richard Branson says, a business is just a group of people working together. And for the business to be successful, this group of people needs to be happy and love coming to work every day.

People who are happy are more productive, creative, collaborative and unlikely to leave. They are in the Zone!

Traits of people in the Zone:

In the Zone
Expanded Self-identity:

  • Self-aware, self-assured (“you, us and we” attitude)
  • Comfortable in your own skin
  • Open minded, confident and approachable
  • Able to creatively collaborate with others – joint ownership of outcomes (no ego gets in the way)
  • Humble and therefore able to truly listen
  • Easily attracts support of others
  • Feels fulfilled and happy
Expanded Outlook:

  • Infinite possibility thinking
  • Creative, thinks out of the box and creates extra-ordinary outcomes
  • Embraces new ideas – readily adopts new processes
Fully Aware in the Moment:

  • Clear & focused
  • Decisive & productive
  • Proactive
  • Spontaneous action
  • Feel as if time expands

  • Internal (from within)
  • Relaxed body & calm mind
  • Feeling good
  • Sustainable- without downsides
  • Stress-free & effortless
  • Creates a dynamic win/win environment

  • Aware of & understand other people’s emotions but don’t take any of it onboard
  • Remain relaxed, clear and objective
  • Capable of being truly supportive
Influence people:

  • Prioritise people before process
  • Respond with calm clarity without any judgemental barriers
  • Being of service for a win-win outcome
  • Inspire and influence others with love

  • Translates into caring, kindness, patience and generosity
  • Provides service with love, engendering goodwill, enthusiasm and loyalty
  • Willing to take risks, think outside the square and participate in full

To discuss how your organization could implement the Zone Peak Performance Culture in your organization, please call Michelle Stanton on 0404 808 750 or email her at

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