Set Yourself up for a Fantastic Day!


I’ve been using the Get in the Zone tool for the past 3 years and will continue to do so for the rest of my life because I can’t imagine living a day OUT of the Zone. By using the tool, my day is much smoother. I am much more emotionally resilient to any event that may happen during the day. The quality of my life in all areas has improved as a result of regularly using this tool. Robert Redmond

As a salesperson, I know the power of being in the Zone. Having used the Get in the Zone tool everyday for the past 18 months, I would not dream of leaving the house for work unless I am in the Zone. I have been known to use the tool twice in a row, on occasion, if I don’t feel that I’m in the Zone after using the tool once in the morning. Since selling in the Zone, I have surpassed all my sales targets and have won many awards. Nicholas Border

I have been searching all my life for a methodology to feel whole, happy, fulfilled and joyful. I read all the books, did all the courses but I have found that using Get in the Zone every day was the easiest and the most effective way to feel whole, happy, fulfilled and joyful throughout the day, no matter what happens. It is amazing! Eileen Stuart

I am a sprinter in track and field. What I found was that if I did the 20 minute Get in the Zone before I raced, I increased my chances of coming first. I also noticed that when I did not use the tool, I did not perform anywhere near my peak. Lesson learnt: Get in the Zone before racing! Charlotte Baud

I was suffering from writer’s block for about 6 weeks when I was given the Get in the Zone tool. After 4 days of using the tool every day, a torrent of ideas started to flow spontaneously, and I was able to clear my in tray which was full to overflowing with copy-writing projects that I had not been able to complete. Carol Wood

After procrastinating for many weeks and avoiding doing my personal tax, I did Get in the Zone and found myself at the computer entering my tax invoices into a spreadsheet. Not only that, I cleaned out my tool shed which I had also been avoiding for many months. It all happened spontaneously without having to think about it. The Get in the Zone tool is a great “procrastination buster”. If there are jobs you don’t like doing, Get in the Zone and you’ll be surprised at how easily you tackle them. Phil Jennings

Get in the Zone

Set Yourself up for a Fantastic Day!

In 20 short minutes:Get in the Zone

  • Get in the Zone
  • Relax your body, calm your mind & expand your awareness
  • Increase your productivity and effectiveness througout the day
  • Gain clarity, creativity and focus at work and at home
  • Suitable for all ages – adults and children
  • Comprehensive information booklet included

AU$29.95 (incl GST in Australia)
AU$27.23 (outside Australia)

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