Sales professionals

Step into the Zone and break sales records

Sales professionals

Become a Champion in Sales

We solve all sales problems that originate from salespeople not performing to their full potential, in selling as well as in their personal lives.

Human beings have the innate capacity to tap into the enormous power within, thus instantly transforming their world and experiencing the miracle of synchronicity and extraordinary outcomes in sales and in life.

Due to lack of knowledge, this power is immensely under utilized, at present.

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When you and your sales team harness this capacity, almost all of your problems in sales will instantly be solved.

Sales Problems such as:

  1. Not meeting or exceeding sales budgets.
  2. Decreased competitiveness if unable to attract and nurture the most talented sales team.
  3. Loss of sales productivity due to sales professionals working below their optimum potential.
  4. Increased sick leave and staff turnover due to sales professionals feeling overwhelmed & overworked and underachieving & unfulfilled.
  5. Lack of creativity and effectiveness in approaching and attracting new clients.
  6. Lack of creative collaboration in teamwork to fulfill clients’ needs.
  7. Procrastination due to lack of vision, direction and purpose.
  8. Lack of perseverance and commitment.
  9. Demotivation due to fear of rejection or fear of failure.
  10. Loss of mojo and self-belief.

If you have tried the traditional methods to solve these problems and have not been satisfied, is it not time to look outside the box?

For a confidential, no-obligation discussion on where you are, where you’d like to get and how the Zone might assist, please contact us.

SimonZone training proved to be a huge success. Not only were the benefits immediate and measurable, I believe the skills learnt will last a lifetime. After initially being a little sceptical, I am now a firm believer in the value of Zone Training.” Simon Norris, Sales Director, Club Financial Services

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