Leadership is about inspiring others to rise up to any challenge, perform to their capacity and fulfill their potential at work and at home. To inspire others you must first be an inspiration.


Leadership in the Zone

Leadership in the Zone

Great leaders inspire people to fulfill their potential and achieve amazing outcomes both personally and collectively.

Culture, employee engagement and profits are the natural by-products of inspired people in an organization performing at their very best.  

The burden of leadership can be quite overwhelming. On the one hand you just want to get on with the strategic stuff and get things done. On the other hand all these people come in with their personal, emotional issues and agendas, making it difficult to move forward. So much time is wasted in trying to solve disharmony in the team, department or company.

We have been told that if you can slot people into their boxes, eg. Myers Brigs or DISC etc, then we can use specific strategies to communicate with them and get their cooperation. Unfortunately, people are not easily compartmentalized and do not conform to their labels. 

Once you have labeled someone, eg as a Pedantic Perfectionist, you now try to lead them but their pedantic perfectionism becomes a constant questioning and criticism of what you are trying to achieve. This makes it impossible to inspire them to tomorrow, let alone to the vision of greatness!

Once you have labeled someone, you believe they are the problem. This makes you a victim of them and their behavior.

Fortunately YOU are never a victim of anyone or anything in the world. 

As explained in the core philosophy section of “What We Know,” the world you live in is a mirror projection of your belief system. Therefore, it is obvious that the most powerful way to transform your business, your people and your world to greatness is by clearing your own belief system of all labels and limitations. 

When your belief system is clear of all the limiting beliefs that you experience – as your staff, your suppliers, your customers, your stakeholders, your business and your family, your friends, your acquaintances, strangers and your home – your world will instantly transform and you will step into the Zone.

In the example of the “pedantic perfectionist”, they will either instantly transform into an effective, productive staff member or they will resign.

The Zone Program helped me to take off my perception lenses when dealing with challenging staff issues, which enabled me to effortlessly remain objective and resolve these issues in a manner mutually beneficial to all parties. Zone training has also helped me to gain an amazing sense of self-belief to the point where I now feel that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Being in the Zone allows you to know what to say and do that is most effective in any situation. It is a great tool for leadership. Todd Miller, CEO Synovate SA/NT (3rd largest Market Research Company globally)

The most effective way to inspire greatness in others is by realizing your full potential and becoming the greatness you wish to see in your people.  

It’s about transcending your own limitations, overcoming your own resistances and fulfilling your potential as a human being.

By gaining absolute trust in yourself and your capacity to transform your world for the better, you automatically inspire others to do the same.

Your BEING is the most powerful key for extraordinary leadership.

Get in the zone and become the inspired leader you were born to be!

Some of the Leadership Problems solved by Zone training:

  1. Realization of the Vision of the organization.
  2. Realization of the Vision of you as Leader of the organization.
  3. Maximizing productivity whilst maximizing wellbeing of staff.
  4. Attracting, engaging and retaining talented staff.
  5. Minimizing sick leave and staff turnover due staff disengagement.
  6. Meeting and exceeding sales targets.
  7. Exceeding expectations of delivery, on time, in specification.
  8. A culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration in teamwork.
  9. The ability to catch the front edge of the wave in business.
  10. Decisiveness and confidence in vision and direction.

If you have tried the traditional methods to solve your leadership problems and have not been satisfied, is it not time to look outside the box?

To become the leader you were born to be, you can learn how to in the following ways:

1.  Individual Zone Program

  • One-on-One Zone Executive Program with a Zonehigh Executive Coach, comprising 4 x 1.5 hour sessions plus 12 months audio support.
  • Group Program – The High Zone Intensive 2-day course plus 12 months audio support.
  • Zone Digital Program – Self study program for people who prefer to learn at their own pace and in their own time.  To find out more about the Zone Digital Program, please contact us.

2.  Train the Trainer

You may wish to send your Human Resources or Learning and Development Manager to be trained as an in-house Zone Coach.  

This is a very cost-effective way of introducing the peak performance Zone Culture into your organization. Having a resident Zone Coach also allows for instant assistance in-house when situations arise at work, thus saving any loss of productivity and time due to staff being Out of the Zone.

Learn more about this 5-day Train the Trainer program with 12 months’ professional development support here. 

    Michelle Stanton, the Founder and CEO of Zonehigh also speaks at conferences and PD days as well as facilitates 2-4 hour workshops in-house. We also offer weekend Retreats for graduates.

    For a confidential, no obligation discussion on where you are at, where you’d like to take yourself and your team and how the Zone might assist, please contact us.

    The Advantage SA team is more productive, enthusiastic, focused and energised as a result of being Zone trained. Being in the Zone allows you to think more clearly, be more effective and efficient in making decisions, deal with challenges that arise, reduce stress and improve your work life balance. Nikki Seymour-Smith, CEO Advantage SA

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