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If you are interested in booking a personal Zone Program with a Zonehigh Certified Coach, or just a single Zone coaching session, browse through the Directory of Zonehigh Certified Coaches below and contact the Coach directly.

Zonehigh Certified Coaches are independent coaches and not employed by Zonehigh.


Zonehigh Certified Coaches Directory

Joanne van Ravenswaaij
Melbourne  (Kew)  Australia
Phone:  0425 713 493

Email address:

Joanne van Ravenswaaij was born in South Korea, and after spending her childhood in four countries over  the last 20 years, she has called Australia home. She has a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Psychology from the University of Melbourne.

Joanne worked initially in IT and subsequently moved into the HR/OD space, working in senior roles in boutique as well as global consulting firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers. She has over ten years’ experience in coaching and corporate training, and she has designed and facilitated workshops and seminars in Australia, New Zealand, Korea and the US.

Joanne has been an accredited Zone Coach since 2008, working with clients from a range of industries, including executives, business owners, salespeople, corporate trainers, counsellors and artists. Some of the benefits they have gained include increased sales and increased prospecting activities for sales staff, return to work after overcoming debilitating stress levels, elimination of chronic stress-related behaviour, dramatic reduction in stress for a Vietnam War veteran diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome, and the ability to move on after a failed business relationship which had previously induced panic attacks.

Joanne lives in Melbourne with her husband and two young daughters.


SonyaSonya Lakes

Adelaide, Australia
Phone:  0413 963 789


Inspiring, motivating and educating clients has been Sonya’s passion for over 20 years.  By educating her  clients to a better way of thinking and achieving the life they love by helping them to recognise what’s keeping them frustrated and stuck; motivating them to reach their full potential and reach their goals by over coming self-sabotage and feelings of self doubt; and inspiring them to get out there and shine by releasing anchors of fear and feelings of inadequacy.

The Zonehigh System has given Sonya the tools to teach others how to make the complex simple.


Michelle GravadorMichelle Gravador
Adelaide (Broadview), Australia
Phone:  0413 210 457

Email Address:

Personal development became a passion of Michelle’s while overcoming her own depression for many years.  Her personal search for happiness and contentment became her number one priority.

Michelle credits reading and listening to audio books by Wane Dyer, Louise Hay, Esther and Gerry Hicks, Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Phil, and The Secret for leading her to what she calls “something AMAZING” – Zone training.

An experienced dental hygienist, recently Michelle became an accredited Zone Coach.  Having found what she was looking for, Michelle is excited to now introduce these tools to change people’s lives forever.


Zone trainersAnne Miller
Adelaide, Australia
Phone:  08 82775884

Email Address:

Throughout her working life Anne has helped people.  Predominantly in the ‘caring’ field, Anne has assisted people with an intellectual or physical disability, a mental illness or those in the sales field.

Anne was Zone trained when she was a real estate agent in 2007, and it changed her life.  “Not only did my sales dramatically increase within a month, but the training also opened up a new way of looking at life.  My relationships with my family and friends deepened, and issues I had melted away.”

Anne continued with the Zone practises and philosophy over the years and became an accredited coach in 2011.  She know enjoys working with all people, as “each person with an open mind and heart helps me understand the power of the Zone as they transform their lives.”



Zone Coach Undergoing Certification

Jon White
Jon White
Adelaide, Australia
Phone:  0405 354 276

Email Address:

Jon has been a Professional Golf Coach since 1992 and has his own business called Easy Swing.  Easy Swing‘s mission is to make golf simpler and easier to allow more people to enjoy this great game.

The Zonehigh accreditation coaching course has added some very powerful mindset tools to Jon’s coaching repertoire.  Jon helps his students experience effortless improvement in an amazingly short span of time.  “I love making a difference in people’s lives by taking them into the Zone and seeing incredible transformations take place.  I am truly grateful to Michelle Stanton for showing me the simple techniques for getting into the Zone and enjoying the moment.”

Jon lives in Adelaide with his wife, Marcela, and daughter, Olivia.


Note:  Zonehigh Certified Coaches work with Zonehigh on a subcontract basis. They facilitate Zone Programs for employees of the companies working with Michelle Stanton to introduce Zone Culture into their organizations, divisions, departments and teams.

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