The New World – Fulfillment as the SELF Weekend Retreat

Weekend Retreat

The New World – Fulfillment as the SELF Weekend Retreat was held on 28 & 29 March 2015 in Hiller, SA; it was a weekend to remember.  Peace and serenity, connecting to nature, the feeling of leaving behind everyday worries or concerns – a new start!  Surrounded by smiling faces, the sharing of delicious yummy food so very nourishing for the heart and soul; these were contributing factors to the success of this beautiful Weekend Retreat. Inspired by the words of Michelle Stanton (our Zone Angel) and the insights of Mooji we shared and reflected on our lives and experiences becoming more peaceful and connected as we saw possibilities of being passionately alive with no striving or suffering, only joy and peace.  On the Saturday night we went out for dinner then shared an evening of Music, Singing, Poetry, and Readings.  Bliss for those who seek the Truth and in Love transcend the ego thereby experiencing the state of spontaneous effortless living – the state of “Do Nothing and Everything Gets Done”.

Written by Monica Brigid a participant at the Retreat

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