Networking in the Zone – Tips

Networking in the Zone – Tips

1. Get in the Zone – Use the Re- Energise or Get in the Zone tool before attending the event.

2. Look around for someone standing alone, someone you know talking to another person, a group of three – and join them.  Debunk your perception lenses -Suspend your judgement!

3.Engage their attention with your answer to “What do you do?” which you have pre-prepared.

Answer to “What do you do?


i) Target market

ii) Your expertise

iii) Beneficial results.

Example: I own a gift shop for people who are looking for a unique gift. My forte is in knowing how to recommend the most appropriate gift for the occasion which results in saving you time and gaining kudos for having given a most thoughtful gift.

4. Influence them by sharing relevant client case studies. Document these for different client needs.

5. Arrange to meet or to be of service in some way.

6. Move on and take them with you. Introduce them to someone you know that you think they would benefit from meeting, or just join another pair.

7. Keep your promise – call promptly (within a couple of days if possible) to arrange meeting or deliver any service you offered.

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