What Do You Really Want in Life?

What Do You Really Want in LifeI spoke at a Pink Ribbon fundraising event organised by a beloved Zonehigh client, Merlin McCloy, Executive Director of Mojomo Insurance Brokers, at the fabulous “Out the Back” in Adelaide on 15 October 2013.

Major health challenges, such as breast cancer, make us stop and reflect on what is truly important to us – what we really want in life!

When I asked this question, the unanimous response was “to be happy” – to experience joy, love and deep inner peace.

Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten what we truly want and instead are chasing after what we think will get us what we really want. For example, we think a promotion will make us happy, so we sacrifice how we feel now and push and shove to get promoted. But what we find when we get the promotion is that we are happy for only a very short while before we are once again chasing after the next promotion, in a state of stress and anxiety!

Would it not be wiser to go after happiness directly? If you could, would you like to be happy, peaceful, joyful and feel loved and loving NOW instead of believing that you must first achieve something in the future in order to be rewarded with happiness, peace and love?

Pink-Ribbon-FundraiserWhat would your experience in life be like if you could master how you feel in any given moment regardless of ever-changing, external circumstances?

Being happy, peaceful and loving right here and NOW is a skill and can be learnt.

The first and most important step is the decision to be happy, peaceful and loving NOW and to prioritise this above all else.

The second step is to learn how to relax the body, calm your mind and expand your sensory awareness. To help you do this, I created a 5-minute, mp3 tool called Sensing What Is for Beginners which you can download for free.

The third step is to learn how to investigate your thoughts for truth. When you believe lies, you will feel disturbed. When you can see through the lies, you will once again feel good. Your mind, emotions and body are all connected. To master your emotions, you must understand the mechanics of the human belief system that generates thoughts and debunk limiting beliefs.

To find out more about the human belief system and the process of debunking, I recommend you read “Selling in the Zone – Stress Free Success in Sales or “The Timeless World – Debunk Your Fears and Discover Heaven on Earth.”

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at michelle@zonehigh.com.

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