Being In the Golf Mind Zone

Being In the Golf Mind ZoneI am delighted to introduce Zonehigh’s first guest blogger, Jon White, professional golfer and Easy Swing Golf Director.  In addition to being a PGA member and AAA‑accredited golf coach, Jon recently achieved Zone Coach certification. Bryan and I have had many enjoyable lessons with Jon and have found his Easy Swing method and great teaching skills make golf so much easier to play!

Read more about Easy Swing and Jon’s experience golfing in the zone, which Jon introduces below.

Happy Zoning!


Being In the Golf Mind Zone

You have probably heard elite, successful sports people say that they were “in the zone” during peak performance.  What they really mean is that they were living in the moment, with no thoughts of the past or future. They know that they have developed a good technique, they have done the practice and they are trusting of that preparation and are now just letting things flow.

To help me with my mind zone, I recently completed a five-day Zone coach training program conducted by peak performance, emotional master and presence coach, Michelle Stanton.  To say this was enlightening would be a complete understatement. I have never experienced such a feeling of being completely at peace and present in the moment.

A key to the techniques that Michelle teaches is their simplicity – much the same as our philosophy for golf with Easy Swing.  I am already finding the Zone techniques extremely beneficial not only to my own game but also to my golfer students as part of my golf lessons.

As soon as we dissolve the thoughts about what we don’t want to do (future) or how we feel after our last shot (past), an amazing transformation begins.

I am tremendously excited about sharing with you not only the simple Easy Swing golf techniques, but also simple thinking techniques to help you experience the wonders of finding your peak performance mind zone.

For more information, please visit Easy Swing, send me an email, or call me on 0405 354 276.

In addition to golf lessons, Easy Swing offers deluxe golf tours, corporate golf days, networking and team-building events.

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