Happiness – The Key to Looking and Feeling Younger

Key to Looking and Feeling YoungerAmong the many benefits of looking and feeling younger is the sense of freshness and vitality you experience, which can lead to many positive outcomes both at work and in your personal life.

One of the most effective ways to look and feel younger is to become happier.

When you are happy:
  • You stop frowning
  • Your face relaxes
  • Your mouth turns up in a smile
  • Your eyes light up
  • Your body feels lighter
  • You look forward instead of down
  • The world looks brighter
  • People are attracted to you and bask in your company
  • Opportunities come knocking on your door
  • You feel free to try new things and embark on new adventures

Therefore, when you are happy, you look, feel, dress and act younger than your years.

Unfortunately, human beings as a race have never been taught how to just be happy.

We’ve been taught that happiness is a reward for achievement – something we have to earn. We’ve been taught to think “I’ll be happy when…

 … I get my dream home, the new car, boat or latest electronic toy
 … I get my dream job, project or promotion
… I find my ideal partner or make my partner appreciate me more
… The children, my staff, my peers and my boss show me more respect

… I finish this task

But what about NOW?

The conditioned belief is to sacrifice how you feel now so that you will feel better tomorrow. Unfortunately, if you keep postponing your happiness until tomorrow, it will always be tomorrow that you expect to be happy, not now. All you will have in the here and now is the habit of postponing happiness instead of happiness itself.

To be happy now is a decision you can make.

If you have made it, here are 5 simple yet powerful tips on how to be Happy NOW.

1.  Smile

Smile at everyone you see. When you smile, endorphins flood your brain and make you feel happier. If you are not used to smiling, practice smiling at yourself in the mirror every morning and every night before and after you brush your teeth.

2.  Give Thanks

Throughout the day remember to give thanks for the little things that support you in life. Say thank you out loud, say thank you in your mind, send thank you emails or cards – gratitude makes your heart sing.

3.  Say “I love you”

Take a leaf out of the song “Oh What a Wonderful World” and say “I love you” every chance you get. Say it out loud every day to members of your family and quietly in your mind to others when you meet them or think of them. Love makes you feel happy.

4.  Suspend your judgment

Give people the benefit of the doubt. Being kind and generous makes you feel happier than being right and feeling righteous.

5.  Be quick to apologize and forgive

Be quick to say “I’m sorry” whenever you feel you have hurt someone, and be quick to forgive others as well as yourself when you have judged them. It is human to make mistakes, and forgiveness brings you peace and makes you feel happier.

By using these tips every day, not only will you look and feel younger, you will also infect everyone you encounter with happiness.

So, be the happiness you want to see in your world!

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