Dissolve the Sunday Night Blues!

Do you find yourself feeling anxious as Sunday draws to a close?

Do you find it difficult falling asleep on a Sunday night or waking up in the early hours with your mind racing?

This anxiety, worry or fear is most common among high achievers but many others also suffer this distress.

As Monday approaches, the mind starts to consciously or unconsciously review the week ahead. It becomes anxious about deadlines, targets, difficult bosses, colleagues and customers and fearful that you are not good enough to achieve all that is expected!

The spectre of failing, losing the job and ending up alone and destitute, sits deep in the subconscious, creating a feeling of dread that can’t be consciously explained away.

Waking up on Monday morning feeling tired and anxious, even before the week starts, does not make it easy for you to be enthusiastic and positive about doing what is required and achieving outcomes above and beyond the call of duty.

The best way to dissolve this fear and anxiety is by using the “Welcome, Allow & Feel” methodology that has been recorded as the “Pain Free” tool. The methodology is explained below.

Sunday Night Blues

How the “Welcome, Allow & Feel” tool works

A sensation is felt in the body and identified as pain (physical: such as a headache or emotional: such as a feeling of anxiety).

When this happens, the body tightens on the sensation, intensifying the pain. This then causes the body to tighten on the sensation even more, making the pain even greater.

The habitual response to emotional pain is do to one of three things:

  1. Suppress (consciously) or Repress (unconsciously) the sensation
  2. Express it verbally or physically e.g. offensive tone of voice/ defensive body language
  3. Escape by distracting yourself e.g. watch TV, read books, socialize, drink alcohol, take drugs, gamble…

Unfortunately, these methods do not dissolve the pain, although they may give you some temporary relief. That’s why these painful feelings keep arising.

The most effective thing you can do is to dissolve the layers of tension and expose the primary sensation, so that it too can be dissolved. You dissolve the layers of tension by relaxing the body.

Please refer to the Pain Free Tool outlined below.

Happy Zoning 🙂



zonehigh pain free

Pain Free Tool 1: Welcome, Allow & Feel

When you are in physical or emotional pain, bring your attention gently to where the pain is being felt in the body. Welcome the sensation of pain, as if you are welcoming an old friend. Instead of calling it pain, just call it a sensation and do not judge this sensation as good or bad – it is just a sensation. Also, let go of any expectation – know that your purpose for doing “Pain Free” is a given. This will ensure that the body does not tense up further.

Gently place your attention on the sensation of anxiety. Welcome the feeling, without judgment, with your in-breath and allow yourself to feel the sensation to the full, on the out-breath. Keep repeating this until the tension surrounding the pain automatically dissolves, as the body relaxes with your attention. This happens by itself. There is nothing more for you to consciously do.

To ensure that the mind does not interfere with the process of relaxation and dissolving the tension, it is important to know that resistance to the process and expectations of outcomes will always cause the body to tense.

So, let go of expectations and surrender to the process. Simply follow the instructions above with an open mind and a willing attitude, and be free of fear and anxiety and the Sunday night dread…and have a fabulous week in the Zone!

If you’d like a recording that walks you through this Pain Free tool in detail, it is available at the Zonehigh Shop.

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