About Zonehigh

Zonehigh's Vision

Our vision is to transform our world into a peaceful, loving and joyful place for all.

About Zonehigh

About zonehigh

About Zonehigh

Zonehigh is an organization dedicated to fulfilling the human potential.


Our vision is to transform our world into a peaceful, loving and joyful place for all.

We will fulfill this vision by raising the consciousness of humanity through the discovery of the GREATNESS and the POWER within each and every one of us.

With this end in mind, we speak and facilitate workshops & retreats, individual coaching programs and coach training clinics in Australia and around the world.


Knowing that it takes only ONE person to transform your world – the person being YOU – our mission is to teach you how to feel content and fulfilled, achieve effortless, extraordinary success and experience life as peaceful, loving and joyful.

If you feel at peace within, the world around you reflects this peace. It you feel at war within, the world around you reflects this conflict.

Our primary focus is to reach people through the organizations in which they work and the communities in which they live.

When an organization as a whole is Zone trained, the corporate culture transforms into one of productive harmony, infinite possibilities and extraordinary success.

When a community as a whole is Zone trained, the world becomes a better place for all of us.

As Albert Schweitzer said, “Success is NOT the key to Happiness. Happiness is the key to Success.”

Zonehigh’s mission is to have 10+ million people in the Zone by 2025. We invite you to join us in making this happen! 

Michelle Stanton, Founder & CEO of Zonehigh

Michelle Stanton, FounderAfter ten years in the corporate sector, working in a high-pressure, sales and marketing environment, Michelle landed in a hospital bed on 15 April 1995 and almost died.

This near-death experience had a profound effect on her. For the first time in her life, Michelle felt deeply at peace. There was no longer a sense of anything missing or lacking. No sense of insecurity or even security – just a feeling of perfection and wholeness of being!  She was not on any mind-altering drug – she had just stepped into the timeless State of Grace, the state referred to by champion sportspeople as “Being in the Zone.”

From that day on, Michelle tried to hold onto this wonderful state but found herself slipping in and out.  When she was in the Zone, the internal bleeding would stop. When she dropped out of the Zone, the bleeding would start again. Unfortunately, she was only in the Zone sporadically for very short periods of time and was therefore unable to work for eight long years.

During this time, Michelle went on a quest to discover what it was that put her into this amazing state and what threw her out. By exploring ancient spiritual texts, reading the teachings of contemporary sages and experiencing the Alexander Technique, Michelle eventually distilled the mechanics of being in the Zone into a simple yet powerfully effective process.

As soon as she mastered the Zone process, her body healed itself instantly, and she was able to work full time once again. To test that this unique process would work for others, Michelle started teaching people one on one and in small groups and proved that it worked for everyone (about 200 people) who utilized it.

At this point, she wrote “The Timeless World – Debunk your Fears and Discover Heaven on Earth” and officially launched her business, teaching people in companies how to live and work in the Zone.

After publishing her long-awaited book, “Selling in the Zone – Stress-free Success in Sales,” Michelle speaks to audiences widely made up of sales managers, sales professionals, business owners, CEOs and executives – people interested in attracting more clients into their businesses without pressure or stress.

Having refined the Zone Process over the last nine years, and having established the power of Zone training in leadership, education and health & wellbeing, Michelle now speaks about the Zone to people from all walks of life and trains and certifies Zone Coaches around the world.

Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Science & a Diploma in Education from the University of Melbourne, and a Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Monash University.

Prior to setting up in business, Michelle worked for a decade in sales and marketing management for ANZ Banking Group and ICI Australia.

With her groundbreaking knowledge of the Zone, Michelle is passionately committed to raising awareness of this amazing state and helping people experience the effortless success and extraordinary outcomes that become a spontaneous, everyday occurrence in every area of their lives when they are in the Zone.

Pioneer Group of Zone Coaches

Zone CoachesThe first group of Zone Coaches Michelle trained started off as Michelle’s clients who loved being in the Zone and wanted to share the unique and powerful Zone Process with others.

Some of our clients:

  • Adelaide Casino
  • Advantage SA
  • ANZ Bank
  • Balemar Marketing Services
  • Bendigo Bank
  • Bernie Lewis
  • Blackmore Honeychurch
  • Boylen Media
  • Brecknock Insurance Brokers
  • Bridgehead
  • Brock Harcourts
  • Café Vagabondo
  • Clements Recruitment
  • Complete Office Supplies
  • Club Financial Services
  • Club Rhythm (Gymnasium)
  • Country Fire Service
  • Defence Teaming Centre
  • DMG Radio – Fiveaa & NOVA
  • Eastwoods
  • Euro Appliances
  • Go Loans
  • Health Align
  • Hunter Recruitment
  • I am Tall Poppy (retail)
  • Ihomes
  • Isis Group
  • IT Patterns
  • Jeffries
  • L J Hooker
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • Mission SA
  • Natural Health Medicine
  • Peter Kittle Motor Company
  • Professionals
  • Property Asset Planning
  • Proshow
  • Ray White
  • Revolution Consulting (Book keeping)
  • SA Ambulance
  • Sage Automation
  • Salmat
  • Servcorp
  • Shaper Group
  • Susan Ashby Consulting
  • Synovate
  • Taoundi College
  • Tell Tayls Creative
  • Tish ‘n Enigma
  • The Hot Pepper Group
  • Toop & Toop
  • Total Dental and Denture Care
  • Weiser Consulting
  • Wilson Sandercock – Obstetricians
  • Workskil

Sporting Individuals:

  • Dean Brogan – AFL
  • Josh Carr – AFL
  • Matthew Bode – AFL
  • Chad O’Sullivan – SANFL

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