The Self-management toolbox for increased wellbeing, productivity and happiness!


I’ve been using the Get in the Zone tool for the past 3 years and will continue to do so for the rest of my life because I can’t imagine living a day OUT of the Zone. By using the tool, my day is much smoother. I am much more emotionally resilient to any event that may happen during the day. The quality of my life in all areas has improved as a result of regularly using this tool. Robert Redmond

I first used the Pain Free tool to help manage the pain in my hips due to Bursitis, when the cortisone injections did not work. Much to my delight, I got effective pain relief and was able to walk without limping. I also found that they worked almost instantaneously for cramps in my legs & the burns to my fingers, as well as the pain in my back. Patricia Smythe

I had a slow couple of weeks at work because I believed that my customers would not renew their membership due to the drought. I became disheartened and de-motivated. Fortunately, a friend reminded me to do a Reality Check which made me realise that “the drought” was only an assumption that I had made! With renewed energy, I got back on the phone and exceeded my sales target for the month! Jay Bowman

After a 7 month sabbatical, I went back to work. On the first day, by lunch time, I was feeling tired and questioning if I really wanted to be there! I listened to Re-Energise for 10 minutes in my car during my lunch break and was delighted to find that without a thought in my head, I cheerfully went back to work with energy and enthusiasm. The best thing was that I still felt refreshed when I got home instead of exhausted. Alison Stewart

My children have been using the Sleep Well tool since they were 5 and 7 years old. One of the benefits of having this tool was that when they were a bit older, instead of coming out to our bedroom if they happen to awaken in the night, they would put the Sleep Well track back on for themselves to help them fall asleep. Nick Drummond

A Day in the Zone!

The Self-management toolbox for increased wellbeing, productivity and happiness!

A Day in the Zone

Stop to think about those days when everything just ‘clicks’ for you’. – Days when you find yourself in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing! The way you feel on those days is the way that highly successful people achieve extraordinary levels of success in all areas of life.
In our world there are talented people (like us) who often win at their chosen field and beat their competitors on a regular basis. Then there are the champions who take it that one step further.
If you are interested in being a champion in life, enjoying every moment and performing at your peak without feeling stressed or pressured, take this first step into the Zone by using these powerful Zone tools.

These 5 tools will put you in the Zone and help you work and live in this wonderful state of being for ‘a day’, every day!

The toolbox includes:

  • A comprehensive, step by step manual (pdf)
  • Zone Poster (pdf)
  • An introductory MP3 explaining the Zone and how to use the tools (mp3)
  • Get in the Zone (mp3)
  • Pain Free (mp3)
  • Reality Check (mp3)
  • Re-Energise (mp3)
  • Sleep Well (mp3)

AU$120.00 (incl GST in Australia)
AU$109.09 (outside Australia)

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